Thanks to the popularization of Sun Sign astrology, most people know at least a little bit about astrology. But hold on … there’s more to astrology than your Sun Sign! Astrology is the language of the stars – a symbolic language that describes the multidimensional expressions of life itself. You can apply the language of astrology to every facet of life life – from using it to understand your personal needs, drives, cyclical changes and relationships – to helping you objectify and understand the nature of what's happening on the global, economic or political fronts. My Starlight Messages address some of these applications of astrology! (See a sample on the articles page and sign up below if you'd like to receive these free mailings.)

With the advent of the Internet, the array of available information about astrology has been amazing. Starting in the 1970s, the renaissance in astrological literature, coupled with the explosion of knowledge about astrology and metaphysics, added an excellent opportunity for more and more people to learn about these subjects.

In fact, when personal computer technology evolved during the 1980s, excellent astrological chart calculation software made it possible for even more people to explore astrology! With the accuracy of chart calculations assured, it became possible for those intimidated by the complex mathematics of astrology to study and use it.

Win*Star Express Astrology Software

If you’re curious about astrology, I encourage you to read, attend classes, or schedule a consultation with a competent professional astrologer. I think you'll find astrology to be positively self-confirming. Astrology offers an objective tool about your inner workings, motivations, needs, issues, talents and drives. The symbols represented by the planets and zodiac signs form a special picture at the moment of your birth. This picture is your horoscope. (Contrary to popular belief, your horoscope is NOT what you read in the newspapers!) Calculated from the exact date, time and place of your birth, your natal horoscope shows the positions of the Sun, Moon and planets and their unique positions for that moment. Your chart is unique to you, and it’s a kind of portrait of your drives, needs and personality. NOVICES: If you are new to astrology and want to learn more, download my Astrology 101 ebooklet from the Articles Page.

One thing to keep in mind is that astrology cannot tell you how you are likely to react to the cycles happening at any given point in time. After all, you’re an individual with free will! However, millions have used the insights gleaned from working with a professional astrologer, or by studying their own astrological charts, to help them understand and accept their needs, drives and motivations more fully. On top of that, an exploration of the impact of the planetary cycles for any given time can be especially useful when you need to make plans for change, growth, endings or new beginnings.

Beyond that … you can also use astrology to better understand your personal relationships. There are several approaches to analyzing the nature and quality of relationships through astrology, and these go far beyond sun sign interaction, although the sun is certainly a strong consideration when comparing two charts. One thing to keep in mind: there is no simple formula for using astrology to find the perfect mate, but you can use astrology to better understand the attraction, potential for endurance, strengths and weaknesses of a relationship.

We can also look at questions about location through the lens of astrology. This is useful whether you want to travel, do business in another part of the world or move. It’s even possible to fine-tune your personal space, integrating astrology with the principles of Feng Shui!

Of course, there are multiple dimensions of astrology, just as there are multiple dimensions of life. Certainly, understanding what makes you tick is one way to use this tool. A holistic approach to astrology makes a lot of sense – because every factor resonates on a physical, mental, psychological and spiritual level. We can always delve deeper into our lives and consciousness. Many people use astrology to explore the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of life.

Aside from using astrology to illuminate your personality, psychology and spirituality – astrology is an exceptional timing tool. Astrological cycles reflect the changes happening within and around each of us. You can take a broad view of these cycles, exploring the things which affect us on a collective level, and you can also explore specific questions and issues in your own life. Then, armed with that insight, you can make well-informed decisions. Think of astrological forecasting much as you would a weather forecast. If you know it's likely to be sunny, you'll make plans accordingly. Astrological cycles can help you identify if it's time to consolidate and focus, or if its time to open, explore and expand. You decide if you're ready and how you want to go about creating your own wonderful, amazing life!

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