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Welcome to my website. Here you can learn a bit about me and my work as an astrologer, author and teacher. Plus, you have an opportunity to learn about the ever-intriguing study of astrology and metaphysics.

We each have our own journey through this lifetime, and insights gleaned from astrology can provide a unique view of that pathway with its opportunities, challenges, twists, turns, peaks and valleys.

Starlight Messages

Each month, I write a "cosmic weather" forecast, emphasizing significant cycles influencing our daily lives. Cosmic events such as eclipses, planetary alignments, or unusual planetary patterns are featured.

Starlight Message from Gloria Star
The Sun Cycle in Gemini 2024

Signs of new life power the driving force, with nature invigorating the qualities of changeability and fertility. It all begins with the seed of an idea and continues with high levels of activity everywhere. Have you been feeling a bit of internal conflict lately? Could it be that you sense or feel these powerful desires to nourish what will result in your own personal masterpiece? Or is that too grand? The current cycles show ample evidence that excess may be the only way to go … at least on some level. The Sun’s cycle in Gemini is the perfect time to invite your inner child to play. Of course, this is an intense time of challenge, when life or death situations spread their images across the screens that chronicle our lives right now.

When the Sun shifts into Gemini’s territory on May 20th at 8:59 AM EDT, the planetary picture paints a dynamic scene thanks to the brilliance of Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus traveling through Taurus, carrying substantial creative energy and a pulsating fertilization of ideas. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to plant the seeds of your hopes and dreams, this may be the right time to bring forward what you’ve hoped to establish. This garden of your dreams may also provide resources that only rarely come forth – since revolutionary, unprecedented options are more likely to arise with help from Uranus. Now may also be the time to unleash products or ideas that you might call “quirky”and when talent or expressions that fail to follow tradition capture the imagination of the public. Those whose dreams require grander scale – like launching spaceships – may find greater support, too

After all, the Collective is seeking fresh inspiration and opportunity after the drought following the pandemic, and unique ideas may gain the greatest momentum. Relationships may also need fresh passion, and sharing an adventure with those you love can breathe new life into affairs of the heart

On May 23rd (9:53 AM EDT), the Full Moon in Sagittarius shines its brightest, when heart-centered Venus joins the eternal optimism of Jupiter – both traveling through the last degrees of Taurus. Venus flies into Gemini on May 23rd, followed quickly by Jupiter’s entry into Gemini May 25h at 7;15 PM EDT. Jupiter’s year-long cycle in Gemini marks a time for the advancement of learning, communication, and improvements in the realms of travel and transportation. With Jupiter supported by a trine from the power of Pluto (peaking June 2nd), innovations in the defense industry can also be expected. Advances in the fields of learning and communication can also be anticipated, but whether these new approaches will lead to better exchange of ideas is yet to be seen. Expect this cycle of Jupiter to bring the opportunities for such advanced, but how they will be used remains to be seen. This period of Jupiter in Gemini will bring the potential for major changes within the court system – particularly in the United States. Benevolence is one strong characteristic of Jupiter, and while Jupiter dances through Gemini, children may be more appreciated by society.  

The New Moon in Gemini (June 6th 8:38 AM EDT) inspires changeability and may open the way for better communication. Additionally, it’s a positive time to strengthen our educational system to benefit from opportunities for improvement. Now that we are finding more ways to utilize technological advancement in education, this cycle may have greater impact on the need to bring education to the forefront. It’s time to witness the power of information and the impact information and information technology can have in our lives. The integration of A-I is an excellent of these influences. Because the New Moon will run headlong into a square to Saturn’s cycle in Pisces from June 4th-8th, it’s good to anticipate that there will likely be a need to also be more aware of limitations that might be necessary. Old systems of communication and education may require improvement and upgrades. Other examples of these new cycles may show up as delays due to weather or traffic, or a slowdown or resistance on political fronts. Pack your patience. And seek opportunities to recognize joy when you find it.

This time invites each of us to manifest and produce. What to choose? That’s up to you!

The Sun’s Gemini cycle ends on June 20th at 4:51 PM EDT, when the Summer Solstice arrives. Until then, the days will grow longer, and we may discover new ways to connect to one another. Meanwhile, may you enjoy the blessings and creativity of the season!

I’m happy to report that my healing process is moving right along, and that I’m finally feeling a return of energy on multiple levels. I did learn during these months of healing that my priorities have been in need of a new focus. I have decided to continue writing these more abbreviated Starlight Messages. However, I am planning to send these free newsletters on a less frequent basis. I’ll focus on letting you know about some of the more significant cosmic events.

As for client work, I am always happy to schedule time for your personal sessions with me. Please contact me when you are ready to schedule your personal consultation to explore your chart, and the cycles and opportunities now and ahead for you. As you know, I work by phone.

As always, thank you again for your support, feedback and sharing.

Bright Blessings to you and yours!

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