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Welcome to my website. Here you can learn a bit about me and my work as an astrologer, author and teacher. Plus, you have an opportunity to learn about the ever-intriguing study of astrology and metaphysics.

We each have our own journey through this lifetime, and insights gleaned from astrology can provide a unique view of that pathway with its opportunities, challenges, twists, turns, peaks and valleys.

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Starlight Messages

Each month, I write a "cosmic weather" forecast, emphasizing significant cycles influencing our daily lives. Cosmic events such as eclipses, planetary alignments, or unusual planetary patterns are featured.

Sun Cycle in Scorpio 2019

Transformation and Revolution

Do you feel the rumblings of revolution ... or is that just mounting discontent? The planetary patterns for the next eighteen months (or so) indicate the need for major changes. Several of you have asked about the upcoming conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, a cycle that peaks in January 2020. As you may suspect, its influence is already underway. The pairing of these two planets happens only every 35 years or so, and can bring potentials for deep healing and major paradigm shifts. Power issues are paramount, particularly abuses of power. We see the issues on every front, from the exceptionally personal to the more universal. Fear of the unknown can loom large. Yet we do have "hints" about the areas of our lives that may need extra attention. Just one example: There have been warnings from environmentalists that our Earth itself is in a truly vulnerable state. This has a universal effect, and must be addressed now. One key thing to keep in mind: Saturn/Pluto offers up the potential for dedicated effort (otherwise known as "work"!) to make a very real difference. Especially where these major changes most readily touch our individual lives. Where do we start? Read More

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Gloria Star

Gloria regularly lectures and presents astrology workshops and seminars within the USA and abroad. She has also been a conference organizer for such endeavors as UAC
(The United Astrology Conference) – one of the largest astrological conferences on the planet.
Active in local, national and international astrology organizations for many years, she has served as an elected officer and board member for several such groups as well.



A PDF with Gloria's explanation of the kerfuffle about
changes to the zodiac!

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Personal Astrology Reports

These accurate and informative computer-generated astrological reports are based upon your unique natal chart. Reports can be printed in an easy-to-read format and mailed or may be emailed as a PDF.

Three reports, Optimum Child, Evolutionary Change and Just For Women are written by me.

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