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Welcome to my website. Here you can learn a bit about me and my work as an astrologer, author and teacher. Plus, you have an opportunity to learn about the ever-intriguing study of astrology and metaphysics.

We each have our own journey through this lifetime, and insights gleaned from astrology can provide a unique view of that pathway with its opportunities, challenges, twists, turns, peaks and valleys.

Starlight Messages

Each month, I write a "cosmic weather" forecast, emphasizing significant cycles influencing our daily lives. Cosmic events such as eclipses, planetary alignments, or unusual planetary patterns are featured.

Starlight Message for the Sun Cycle in Sagittarius
Greetings from Starlight Messages!

We've just entered Sagittarius' zone of optimism and generosity, when the quest for truth and inspiration can be more readily attainable. During this month ahead we can access these qualities and make use of these universal principles in our personal endeavors as well as the Collective challenges and opportunities happening in our lives. It is the perfect time to reach out and expand our horizons, and to open our hearts – very good reasons to gather together with those whose ideals harmonize with our own. It's also a time to explore beyond those comfort zones – even if only in our thoughts.

Keep in mind that Mercury will retrograde on December 13th until January 1st/2nd, and some of those grandiose ideas may require some additional evaluation before you put them into action. As though the Universe has a need to show its sense of humor, it's a good idea to test or research before taking final action. And travel ... well, you know the drill: pack your patience!

This Starlight Message is brief, since I still have difficulty typing with this broken arm – but rest assured that I am healing and feeling much better each day. I do need to honor a limited schedule, as a point of respect for this process. If you need to schedule a personal appointment, I am currently booked well into December, but do have limited openings. January appointments are now available. Please get in touch and we will find a time that works for you.

The primary disruption will be to my writing, and it may be February 2024 before another Starlight Message is sent your way. I appreciate your patience, and also the loving support so many of you have sent my way since the accident.

Meanwhile keep faith and allow your heart to stay open to the profound Love that guides us all. Let this season of sharing keep the coffers of joy flowing freely!

Bright Blessings,
Gloria Star

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Gloria Star

Gloria regularly lectures and presents astrology workshops and seminars within the USA and abroad. She has also been a conference organizer for such endeavors as UAC
(The United Astrology Conference) – one of the largest astrological conferences on the planet.
Active in local, national and international astrology organizations for many years, she has served as an elected officer and board member for several such groups as well.



A PDF with Gloria's explanation of the kerfuffle about
changes to the zodiac!

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Personal Astrology Reports

These accurate and informative computer-generated astrological reports are based upon your unique natal chart. Reports can be printed in an easy-to-read format and mailed or may be emailed as a PDF.

Three reports, Optimum Child, Evolutionary Change and Just For Women are written by me.

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