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Astrology & Child Guidance

The new E-Book edition is further edited and expanded, with more illustrations and an easy-to-follow format. It is written for parents, teachers, and others interested in exploring many of the dimensions of human development through the lens of astrology. It matters not if you're new to astrology. All the fundamentals are explained in this book.!

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Personal Astrological Reports

Accurate and informative computer-generated
astrological reports.
Based upon your
unique natal chart


Lecture and Workshops

An assortment of audio recordings of my lectures and workshops, including material for every level of astrological expertise

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It was not my plan to become an astrologer. In fact, like most people I knew very little about “real” astrology when I was growing up. By the time I entered college (when I, of course, knew everything!), a friend was always talking about her amazement with astrology. “You’re way too smart to fall for that!” I told her.

So, she challenged me, and I took the bait. I set out to disprove astrology. Imagine my surprise when, after setting up an empirical study of the subject, I began to realize that there was real substance to this ancient system of understanding life. The study of astrology and metaphysics was a perfect compliment to my academic endeavors in the fields of nursing, secondary education and psychology.

I began my work as a professional astrologer in the 1970s, and thus far the journey has been life-transforming. My clients have been my best teachers, and although I have taught countless classes in astrology, metaphysics and life enrichment – it is the process itself that has been most enriching and consciousness-expanding.

Part of my quest has led me to write, and in the past three decades I’ve written, edited or contributed to 29 astrology books, annuals and anthologies. Among these, Astrology: Woman to Woman, Optimum Child (revised as Astrology & Your Child), and the Llewellyn Sun Sign and Moon Sign Annuals are probably the best known. Several of my books have been translated into languages other than English.

Other writing projects have included newspaper and magazine columns on or about astrology, in addition to work that’s appeared online for a variety of applications. As the Astrologer and Astrology Channel Manager for ThirdAge.com during 2000-2001, I had a tremendous opportunity to work with fresh applications of astrology through the Internet. I’ve also written the text for five astrological computer report writers. Currently, I am at work on other projects, in addition to my consulting practice and teaching. I also have a regular feature column in The Mountain Astrologer – Astrology News – a feature that's appeared in print and online since the mid-1990s.

As a teacher, I’ve presented lectures and workshops in every venue from local classes to regional, national and international gatherings and conferences. One aspect of my work involves being before the public. Fortunately, with my background in performing arts and public speaking, this is tremendously enjoyable! Whether as a guest on talk television and radio (and news) programs, or as host of my own drive-time radio show in the summer and fall of 1990 (Real Life Astrology), I’ve always enjoyed work with the media. Book-signing events have also been excellent way to interface with the public.

Over time, it’s also been important for me to give back to the astrological community, and I’ve served on the Boards of astrological organizations – from local to international. As a former member of the Board of UAC (The United Astrology Congress), I worked to create one of the most successful international astrological conferences ever held. Additionally, I was the Director of Entertainment for UAC ’98 and UAC ’02, where I also was the Emcee for all the plenary events. Part of my work as Entertainment Director also involved set and lighting design, along with vetting and organizing all the entertainers and performers for the major events held beyond the lectures at the UAC conferences.

I have been a member of the Board of Directors for Kepler College. As a member of the AFAN (The Association for Astrological Networking) Steering Committee for five years, and Editor of the AFAN Newsletter for seven years, I worked to increase the outreach to the astrological community and to enhance astrology as a profession. I also serve on the Advisory Board for NCGR (The National Council for Geocosmic Research) and for AFAN.

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Currently, I live in a small town on the Connecticut shoreline. Flower gardening and landscape design give me a chance to stay connected to nature, and I also enjoy cooking. I am also active in politics. During my free time, I sing in local chorales and perform in community theater productions.

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