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Gloria Star has been a popular speaker at local, national, and international astrology events for the past three decades. Internationally, she has also appeared as a lecturer, has presented Keynote Addresses, or served as Emcee for special gatherings at the Astrological Association of Great Britain (AAGB), The Canopus Academy Conference (Australia), United Astrology Conference (UAC), International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR), and others. She has spoken at conferences for many regional and national organizations, including NORWAC (Northwest Astrological Conference), SWAC (Southwestern Astrology Conference), ARC, NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research), American Federation of Astrologers (AFA), and many others.

An engaging and entertaining speaker, Gloria's expertise includes the broad realms of astrology, metaphysics and personal growth. Her workshops provide the opportunity to explore her lecture topics in more depth, with reference to individual charts, so that participants can see astrology in action. She has also developed a program geared toward women's empowerment called "Total Prosperity for Women". In addition to her classes in astrology, she has worked with groups ranging from psychologically-focused interests, relationships, business development and political planning.

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toon1If your group is in the process of setting your program for the current or coming year, here are brief descriptions of some of the topics that Gloria's audiences have enjoyed:


It's true: some relationships are made in heaven. Others have no chance of getting there. Still, we humans continue to plug away at the experience of relating. It's one of the big questions every person seems to ask. So, let's look at the astrology of relationships and explore some of the indicators of relationships that hold promise, and other indications of potential difficulty. There may not be a perfect "10", but we can definitely create a rating scale!


This workshop is an introduction to the basic astrological cycles. Do you wonder when your life is likely to undergo significant change? Then this is the class for you! Gloria explains the nature of the current cycles for all of us, and then she'll show you how to apply these cycles to your own life. Techniques include information about Transits, the significance of Eclipses, and an intro to secondary progressions and directions.


A look at astrological techniques that have proven themselves to be extremely viable (and often, surprising!) tools. Also, there's a look at techniques that are touted as truly valuable, but don't always cut the mustard.


Each natal chart tells the story of the soul and spirit of an individual. One of the most profound benefits of using astrology can arise when we use the story of the chart to connect to the Inner and Higher Self of a person. We'll work with several astrological indicators that can help a person open to this process and become more proficient at expressing the fullness of Being. Additionally, we will explore several ways to create guided meditation from the specifics of the natal and progressed chart.

More detailed descriptions of these and a wide array of other topics are available to your event coordinators and public relations officers. For additional topics, write to Gloria here or call her at (360) 357-0265. Because Gloria herself has long been involved in planning and organizing conferences and programs, you will find her quite knowledgeable about the needs of event organizers.

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Astrology & Child Guidance

The new E-Book edition is further edited and expanded, with more illustrations and an easy-to-follow format. It is written for parents, teachers, and others interested in exploring many of the dimensions of human development through the lens of astrology. It matters not if you're new to astrology. All the fundamentals are explained in this book.!

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Lecture and Workshops

An assortment of audio recordings of my lectures and workshops, including material for every level of astrological expertise

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