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Astrology is a fantastic timing tool, and can be very helpful to gain objectivity about periods of opportunity and challenge in your life. The cycles of the planets have particular influences as they relate to your own natal chart. TimeLine outlines the transits, secondary progressions and solar arc directions—three major types of cycles—and applies that information to your life. Each month is highlighted, and there’s information for each day that has an impact from selected cycles. A 12-month report is about 65 pages in length. Specify starting month and location. Choose Email or Postal Mail.

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I have written several informative computer-generated astrological reports and two are available for purchase. These reports are based upon your unique astrological chart, utilizing your date, time and place of birth. You may order reports directly from me. Please contact me if you wish to know more about Astrological Reports. I currently offer two personally authored reports.

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Just for Women Report

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Optimum Child Report
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"JUST FOR WOMEN," (formerly "Woman to Woman") focuses on the needs of today's woman. Through this report, you are introduced to a unique view of your astrological chart - a tool that provides an amazing guidepost to the most important aspect of your life: an understanding of yourself. As a woman today, you face the challenge of discovering yourself within the context of many life experiences. You wear a variety of faces and play many roles, experiences which can both enhance and complicate your feeling of satisfaction with yourself and your life.

Your astrological chart provides indicators that help to define who you are, strengthening an understanding of your needs on every level. Each chart is different in its make-up, and the myriad combinations of influences help to underscore the importance of each person as an individual. This report is designed for you, a woman in a world of change, a woman seeking to become whole. You may order an emailed PDF of this report for $40. Or, you may order a printed report (about 35 pages in length) for $50, including US Postage (foreign postage additional). To see an excerpt of a sample report based on the chart of Marie Antoinette, click here.

"OPTIMUM CHILD," is a report for parents, grandparents and others who want to know more about their precious children. Since childhood is very different from adult years, I’ve integrated the concepts of developmental psychology with astrology, and have created a special report for the purpose of exploring the uniqueness of a child.

This report provides an excellent guidepost for parents with children from infancy through "tween" years. Highlights of "Optimum Child" include chapters on creative expressions and talents, intellectual development, physical activity, and psychological needs and development. Each report is about 26 pages long. An emailed PDF is available for $40. A printed and mailed version is $50 including US Postage (foreign postage additional). These reports make wonderful baby gifts! To see an excerpt of a sample report based on the chart of Britney Spears, click here.

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In addition to computer-generated reports, I also offer Personal Astrological Consultations.
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