Astrology and Child Guidance

Astrology and Child Guidance


Being a parent is an unequaled experience in our lives, and while this time is filled with joy and amazement, it can also be exceptionally challenging. How many times have you wished for a "manual" that would help you better understand your child? Good news! There is a handbook unique for each child, and it starts with a map created by the astrological natal chart. The natal horoscope signifies a child's needs on many levels — spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical.

When we study the astrological chart for a child, we look at these ancient symbols with a focus on personal childhood development, realizing that a child is still in the process of "becoming". In this book, we explore astrology within the framework of the developmental process. This differs from the way we apply astrology to the life of an adult.

Some of the material in Astrology & Child Guidance was first published in 1987 as Optimum Child, and was later revised, expanded and adapted into another book, Astrology & Your Child (2000). This material was further adapted into two different computer software programs. Now, the new E-Book edition is further edited and expanded, with more illustrations and an easy-to-follow format. Astrology & Child Guidance is written for parents, teachers, and others interested in exploring many of the dimensions of human development through the lens of astrology. It matters not if you're new to astrology. All the fundamentals are explained in this book. But there's much more:

Experience a new perspective on the elements, signs, planets and houses as they relate to the years of childhood
Support your child's intellectual development by finding his or her most natural approach to learning
Learn about your child's creativity and artistic expression
Be better prepared for the developmental crises in childhood
Explore your child's emotional needs
Discover your child's perceptions of Mom and Dad
Reflect upon your own childhood to uncover your own inner child
Help a child open to his or her optimum potentials

NOTE:  This book is in PDF format only.  In addition to computers of all sizes, it will work nicely on 10" tablets or iPad type 10″ tablets.  Since there are many astrological graphics like charts and tables, 7-inch e-readers and tablets, including Kindle, may not work as well. When a PDF file opens into your browser, it might look like it’s larger than 100%.  When you save it to your hard drive and open it, it should automatically convert to normal size.  If not, look on the tool bar for your e-reader (Adobe) and set the size to 100%. If you're using a smaller tablet, you should still be able to use the Zoom function on the page or the graphic to enlarge the illustration, should you so desire.


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